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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. I believe this tips will go a long way to help folks who feel trapped under credit-card debt.

    However, the best advise is to have no CREDIT CARD. Be STINGY with your expenditures, and generous with SAVINGS.

    If you don’t have it, don’t spend it. Nice post.

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  3. Good post.

    The killer is the late fees and the accumulating interest. The phone calls are a real pain as well. Especially if you’re at work or with friends. And as for your credit rating. It depends how many you’ve missed. But if you go AWOL expect the worse.

    Best advice I ever got was to use a credit card as a credit card and pay it off each month. Using it as a lone is not a great idea unless you’ve gone for a 0% balance transfer which can be money management genius.

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  4. There is one part of this article that I find troubling and incorrect.
    When closing your credit card accounts, the accounts don’t stop accruing interest or late fees.
    In some cases it will cause your interest rate to skyrocket at a “Default Rate”.
    That part is truly some bad advice.

  5. So, okay…. I recently had the craziest thing happen with a credit card company… I didn’t realize I was setting up my payment for a future date, and I scheduled it to pay my balance (It was small like 90 bucks or something) but I scheduled it for a a day out past the due date (their website actually defaulted to this)

    So, I assumed I was in the clear with that CC account, and then they started calling my phone… I told them I had paid and that’s when I found out about the accidental scheduling issue… SO… I said, well just cancel that… they informed that wouldn’t be possible, and unless I paid the 8 dollars or whatever they would be reporting me to the credit bureau!

    I told them that my payment they wouldn’t cancel paid the balance in full, and they said they would just credit that to my account…

    the point of my story? If these people are gonna fark up MY credit then they need to get their business together… don’tcha think?

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  6. Dear All,

    Can any one from the bank explain me that what kind of action the bank will take for not making the credit card bill payments ?

    I like to share one case of my friend who misuse the credit card for his royal life. But see the action the bank taken on him.

    My friend has made a purchase for Rs.60,000/- & above and didn’t made a payment for more than 2 months. The bank people called him for settlement and after face to face discussion he was asked to pay only Rs.8,000/- as settlement & cancelled his card. There is nothing to pay after this.

    2nd case – same friend has got another card from other bank & he made the same thing. He was called & were asked to pay only Rs.6000/- as final settlement.

    As this kind of news make the persons like me who pays the full payment in time to think not to make any credit card payments. For nothing there are the people who enjoy and this bank people will not take any action on them. Why not the bank list those people & see that they should not get any card from any bank & other loans for them.

    Also i request the bank should see the person who are sincere in their payment & encourage them with additional benefits.

    Kindly MNC bank should answer my query.

    Warm regards,


  7. How come when you don’t pay medical bills or other miscellaneous charges, they report negatively to the credit reporting agencies, but when you are on time, they refuse to put anything positive. They scam everyone into opening credit accounts without approval and I am sick of it.

  8. They are scaring me to death! Help!!!

  9. Why do you say the Credit Card companies will call you? Debt collection companies that own the debt are the people that call you. As soon as a credit card is defaulted it is usually sold to our government who in turn sells the debt to a debt collection company that profits off the debt by calling the people that have it and harassing them until they pay. Even though most of it isn’t even their debt. Over half of the principle debt is fines, late charges , and huge interest rate increases accumulated for the wait period before the card is considered defaulted. Its a very profitable business knowing that most of these people wont pay off the debt in their life times unless they claim bankruptcy.

  10. If ordered by the court to pay what is owed in full and I’m not able to do so, what could happen to me. We provided the court a hardship letter expIaining my situation when served with a court order. I have been self employed for the past 19 years and the sole provider for the past 5 years for my family and have always paid my bills on time until last August as a result of the downward economic spirial that has effected our income. I declined any payment plans since the thought of not knowing if there will be enough work for me to cover mortgage and other primary bills.

  11. It is a nightmare. First you become disabled and then lose your job. You apply for SS disability and tehy drag it out. And you try, here you are, sick, out of work, trying to survive. You use the credit cards, and when you decide to cut them up, they are maxed out. Have to fix the car so I can still job hunt. Can’t get a job dressed like a hobo. Can’t get a job anywhere. You tell these companies from using the insurance they offer you are unemployed, and then they make the payments, and then you tell them you are disabled, and they start payng those payments except for the ones that weasel their way out of the agreement by adding a new policy, and they watch you go deeper in debt until you are completely maxed out. Then, you have no choice but to file bankruptcy, and it is obvious that there is misuse of the cards long before they get that deep. It is like an addiciton, for you use them, clinging to hope and trying to have faith in things will get better, and then the nation gets worse, and disability still drags it out. Now they got you when you sign under penalty of purgery to do the bankruptcy, and then the trustee can not give you a discharge on some or all of it, and even maybe have you prosecuted for you are still out of a job promised by the President would happen this year as well as SS disability. SO they just let you hang yourself with their credit to you. And after being a customer for 10 or more years you would think they would take action when they see you are making mistakes you know. There has got to be a way out of this. It is like entrapment or something. It becomes an addiction to use them to survive as well as try to better yourself and contnue to fail due to no jobs as well as SSA not doing theres either according to the laws written. Anyome out there know any ways out? I mean like, I still have to try to find a way to provide for family with no credit, no job, and no health and no education to be able to run one of those losing home based scam jobs in the paper or on the internet. This is crazy. And yet, government can borrow money with no intention of paying it back too, right? Wow. May as well go yourself in in this messed up qorld and there are millions in the same boat. And if you don’t have family to fall back on, then it is over, right?

  12. Hey Stan C.
    Your not alone. Sounds real similar to my families situation.
    Wife – cancer. Me – foot and back med. issues and then a brain leisan at 59.
    Tried the cccs help then couldn’t even pay that.
    What are they going to do if you just cant pay a cc unsecured loan?
    Bad credit…? who cares…. can’t ever borrow any more EVER.. So what.
    I’m living on cash ….. cash only…. What a novel idea.
    Bankers and lawyers… the Devils webb…
    19 Billion $$$ secret bailouts from our Pres. to these sleasy financier bastards.
    Hooking our kids on CCs even before they’re out of school.
    Please, go ahead a make it so I (we) can’t use CCs any more. You
    do us a favor.

    There’s a special place in Hell for you if you don’t change your crooked ways.
    (Mill stone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea… read Bible)

  13. useless site. No replies, no response. SO where does a person get advice? How do you know your chapter 7 attorney is watching your back and protecting you? How do you know if your attorney isn’t going to put the nails in your coffin?

  14. Capital One– what a bunch of crooks! My 85 year old mother got herself in $62,000 of Credit card debt. she was handing her cards out to other people to use, trying to help them. Needless to say when it got bad none of the people she gave her card to offered any help! More Crooks, called friends? That was 6 years ago. She refused to file bankrupcty, old scool, you pay your debts. She mortgaged her home to pay the cards off. Her house was paid off till them., now she has a $753.00 mortgage payment coming out of her $923 month social security income. SAD!
    Five years later she fail and broke her hip that is when i found out she had $26,000 in credit card debit. Most of the cards had protection coverage and paid the balance off. Capital One did not. They have called her day and night wanting a payment. The payments she had been making for years to them had 80% of the money going to the company for late fees and interest charges. I took over her social security check by filing for payee Rep with social security in March 2011. I called the companys and told them she will not be making any more payments and her credit score was a 582 already and that was not a comcern. note she has always had excellent credit her whole life, they continued to harress her with phone calls, Basterds!

    Now here the scary part– my sister lives with my mother– some how they got into my sisters checking account and took out $500 dollars based on what mom owes them??? My sister’s checking account is at a totaly different bank and Mom’s name is nowhere on the account. How they did it is beyond me. Crimial actions? I think so! We’re contacting a lawyer and the better bussness bruro to see where we need to go from here. Like most people i never worried about my money in the bank till now! It may be time to bury it in the back yard, banks are not to be trusted! I personaly was told by a manager at Mom’s bank,that anyone can present a draft on an account and the bank is requiered to pay it. No S**T!
    you can file a stop payment on the company and the bankk will charge you a fee for doing that, next month you’ll have to do it again and again and again cause the credit card companty will keep sending them, foreever. So when you go to sleep tonight know tha tyour money is not safe in a bank anyone can take it for any reason and your bank will hand it over Happly to them. Sad but true!

  15. Three years ago when I leave USA to go to see my relatives in my former country Portugal. I have som trouble and portugals authorithy put me on jail. In USA the bank take my house (because nobody paid the bill over 6 months) Also I have to pay some credits to another banks (credit card) $95.000 . Now Im afraid to return back in USA because they can put me in jail… it’s that thrue???????????
    Can anyone help me with some suggestion?

  16. I think the best thing to do is to work out an agreement with the credit card company to pay back the account at a lower percentage rate (due to a possible hardship circumstance)

    Also try to pay off the lousy credit cards in full by using the loophole of reverse mortgage!! Try to use all angles to get rid of these pesty credit cards that deplete your savings …month by month.

    There is also another loophole of using your cash balance in your life insurance that has built up….a person can have a considerable amount of cash balance that is your own money actually and the insurance company will let you borrow from your own money at a low monthly loan.(the money you pay every month goes back into your cash balance life insurance account)

    Some 401ks have a benifit where you can borrow from your own money and repay them and guess what the monthly payment goes back into your 401k…….this is a good loophole to use to pay the credit cards off too.

    There are ways to beet the system of the high interest credit card loans or as I call them the juice loans!!!!

    Kind regards.
    Anthony (Toto) Lucchese

  17. The article says about closing each credit card account. They will close them, but they give you a deadline (90 days) to pay it off, if it’s not paid off in that time, the account is re-opened and you will be charged when it is re-opened. If you have a small balance, it’s no big deal, but try paying off big balances on multiple cards witin 90 days is almost impossible on my income. government protected bastards crushing our economy!

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