How 10 People With 10 Stupid Ideas Made Millions of Dollars?

Neck down in debt and still asking yourself… Can I be a Millionaire? You are not alone..This is the question that haunts the minds of everyone, especially, the jobless and the small and medium businessmen. Being in debt or in bad financial condition does not mean that you can not make it to American Dream. We do have some historic examples that show, how an idea of a penny made someone a Millionaire. It is not the idea, it is one’s dedication that makes the ideas a reality. Sometimes a very stupid looking idea proves so fruitful that you always wonder that “This idea worked…!”

So if you have some business ideas and if others think that they are just plain stupid, take no offense. When you think you are right then JUST DO IT!.

Now we come toward the examples that showed us how a few stupid looking business ideas, worked wonders for some people and made them millionaires. Each of these Business Ideas is amazing. Even more amazing is the story of these people making it happen. Enjoy the list

1. Million Dollar Homepage


Create a page with a million pixel image. Sell each pixel for one dollar each. Easy way to earn $1,000,000. Sounds stupid? Meet Alex Tew. He was 21 when he came up with this idea. In start people thought, It was a joke. All pixels are now sold and the guy is selling Posters and made a brand out of it.

2. Santa Mail

Byron Reese Started his company,, which sells fully personalized letters from Santa Claus all across North America (they’re even postmarked from North Pole, Alaska, to give them an authentic feeling). Reese sold 10,000 letters in 2001, hi

s first year in business. Though holiday sales have increased every subsequent year, he still looked for ways to expand his offering.


Now, parents can order birthday cards for their children from Santa as well. The strategy pushed 2005 sales to $1 million. Read Full Story

3. Doggles: Google for Dogs


Mock Google by creating a Doggles for Dogs. Sounds like a very stupid idea? well,  This idea went crazy and now Doogle has franchises all over the world. A stupid idea can really make millions and get you out of debt..

4. Laser Monks


Monks are supposed to live in caves and away from all that is material about the world. But you must realize that they have to eat too, so one day a monk thought

“why shouldn’t we re-fill all those ink cartridges!”

Ink Cartridges are a business segment with 1000% to 2000% profit margin. So.. Monks started refilling cartage and hence were called “LASER MONKS” Today they have built this into a  multi-million dollar empire.

5. Antenna Balls


Can you sell little smiling balls that just hang on car’s antenna? Can you sell them online? Can you sell them in a quantity that makes you a millionaire? Well… one guy answered YES to all those questions & his name is Jason Wall. He now make about $2 million per year from this Website…

6. FitDeck

7. PositivesDating.Com

8. Designer Diaper Bags

9. PickyDomains

10. Lucky Wishbone Co.

Turn your ideas into reality… Don’t mind what people say to you. All you need is dedication and hard work. You too can archive American Dream. You too can get out of debt… Come on.. start working on that idea in your head.. It might be a million dollar idea.. Who knows?

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15 thoughts on “How 10 People With 10 Stupid Ideas Made Millions of Dollars?”

  1. Well, I wouldn’t call Santa Mail a stupid idea, I’d call it a stolen one. Many, many companies have been doing this for years before this guy was even born. I got them every year when I was little (mid 70’s). Inserts in the newspapers or ladies’ magazines and catalogs sold them for $1 each back then. Fully personalized.

  2. Haha Doggles! That’s great.

    I have a friend’s dad who invented the baseball (well 1/2 baseball) that looks like it’s going through a windshield. It’s basically a sticker. Last I heard Target was interested in it, but not sure if it’s making millions yet.

  3. Another interesting idea I wanted something different paguina again, but his aim is to pay for their studies and studies of his girlfriend.
    This is according saw the idea was to sell advertising space to others to make money through this kind of publicity, a rare and innovative.
    Have to wait haver their failure or success.

  4. yeah at first these all ideas might sound stupid, but they made it work somehow, yes hats off to all of them for efforts and creativity.

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  6. There were many other attempts to succeed by creating a “stupid business idea” such as this one that I saw, where people are supposed to pay real money just to show that they are rich and they can afford it, there are some social networking sites and stuff integrated as well, pretty stupid site,

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