Student Loans Without Cosigner

Are you thinking about stopping your studies just because your parents have bad credit ? Is it a fact that your parents having hard time meeting your educational expenses? If the answer is positive to any of the above questions then it is time when you must start thinking about getting a student loan to complete your studies.  I am sure you already have started looking at what loans are available in market. The most difficult part about getting a student loan is finding a cosigner.  Almost 50% of all students who need loans for their studies do not apply for a loan simply because they can’t find a willing cosigner.  Not being able to complete studies because you can’t find a cosigner to guarantee the student loan is unfortunate.

Some institutions have moved forward to help such students. They are now offering easy loans for students without the requirement of a cosigner. these are called no-cosigner student loans. They are another form of no credit check student loans.


Just because you have no credit history does not mean that you can not apply to get  student loan. There are not many institutions that provide such loans but they do exist and all you have to do is to reach out to them.  These institutions provide you assistance to help you complete your study without worrying about money.  These are also called Federal student loans.

Under Federal student loan program,  students or their parents are provided with financial assistance and loans to help them complete higher and secondary education without requiring a cosigner.

There are some other programs like  Federal Stafford Loans and Perkins student loans. These programs provide easy student loans for bright students who meet the criteria to get the student loan with out cosigner.

Main criteria to get a student loan with out cosigner is that the applicant should be a traditional student and should have no credit history.  Normally these loans are obtained by students without a credit history as well as those whose parents have bad credit due to financial difficulties.


I have listed below Steps and Instructions on how to get student loans if you have no credit history.

  1. Complete your research about federal student loans.
  2. Make sure you are a traditional student and do not qualify for a credit check.
  3. Applying  is the most important step to secure a no cosigner student loan. Just fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is way to go internal part of loan. It will help you to not only to get loans but also secure grant money if applicable. To fill this form you need your parent’s income tax return and if you worked then your’s and some other information you have to provide.
  4. When you are applying for Stafford loans, it would be either subsidized or unsubsidized depending on who is going to pay the interest when you are a student. The sanctioned amount is very low and this is for needy students.
  5. Perkins loans are designed for those students who are in highest financial need. It has 5% interest rate and longer payable term.

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