In this article we have given you the 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM and 1 Year ARM: Initial Interest rate. The graph above shows long term trends of 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM and 1 Year ARM: Initial Interest rate. It shows the mortgage rates trends from 1992-2009.


Following the graph which starts from June 1992 as you can see that 30 year FRM was at 8.50% while the 15 Year FRM was in between 7.75% – 8.50% and 1 Year ARM: Initial Interest rate was in between 5.50% – 6.25%. After June 1992 we can see a decline in all rates and in December 1992 the rates again goes up after that there was a continuous decline in the rates till the December of 1993 after December 1993 the rates continues to rise till December 1994 but during the month of June in 1994 the rates were quite stable.

On December 1994 the rates were at their peek, we have never seen such rates for 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM in the whole period form 1992-2009. Soon after December 1994 the rates continues to fall till December 1995. After June 1995 we can see that the rates rise a little bit. After December 1995 we can see huge ups and downs. These ups and downs continue till June 2000. From June 2000 till June 2003 we can see a huge fall in the rates. During this period sometimes the rates rises also but that was just up to a considerable extent.

After December 2003 1 Year ARM: Initial Interest rates were at the lowest recorded rates. Then after June 2003 we again see ups and downs in the rates which lead to a rise in rates and up to June 2006 the rates have raised a lot. After that sometimes there was a rise in rates and sometimes the rates fall but the rates remain I between 4.75% – 7.00% and after December the 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM were at the record lowest rates that was below 4.75% and then again in June the rates rises.

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