While it is imperative to approach debt consolidation services, you also need to do a lot of research regarding, the city or state’s trust worthy and most accepted companies. Without proper knowledge of the various companies, it is not possible to gain a successful service, for your debt problems. Given below are North Carolina’s top 5 companies, that give excellent debt consolidation and debt negotiation services.

Business Force One

Business Force One is one company that gives services, keeping in mind individual needs rather than giving the same service or treatment to every debtor.Along with this helpful nature,it also offers counseling and education of financial crisis, credit card usage, debt relief options such as debt consolidation and debt settlement is well organized.

business force one

There are many options available but you need to contact the company and give them a chance to analyze your situation. Review the company at http://www.businessforce1.com

American Financial Solutions

What makes this company widely popular and accepted is its status to be a non profit organization that aims to provide customers with consumer credit counseling, debt action plans, debt management plans, consumer educational resources, and most importantly online classes for consumers to understand their financial stand.

american solutions

It is because this company cares for the financial education of its customers, that makes it sought after for guidance in debt relief options as well as maintaining a good credit record. Please visit them at http://www.myfinancialgoals.org to know more.

GNYPA Debt Solutions

GNYPA Debt Solutions also is a company that declares itself as a not for profit organization that provides customers with debt relief options such as debt consolidation and debt settlement. The company does not only focus on the services, but also in raising customer’s self respect and ensures that the people do not loose their dignity, even though they are in severe debts, because according to the company, being in debt doesn’t mean you need to loose your dignity. This is what they try to instigate in the customer during the free counseling sessions. In order to know more about this motivating company please visit them at http://www.gnypa.org/



Debtbusters, is an effective company accredited with Better Business Bureau. They aim to help you get out of debt quickly and pretty much effectively, with the least amount of money spent on interest rates. This is effectively done through the debt negotiation between you and the creditor. Log on to http://www.debtbusters.com to know more.

Greenlight Debt Relief

Greenlight Debt Relief is a company that has an expertise in debt relief services such as debt settlement, debt consolidation and credit counseling.


Through credit counseling, the company ensures that its customers understand the different debt relief options and are able to choose the right one for their specific debt problem.The company also plans out motivating, innovative and state of the art strategies to affectively deal with debt problems of their customers. Check on their webpage http://www.greenlightdebtrelief.com for more info.

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  1. October 12, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    Are these companies surely paying prompt loans

  2. October 13, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Hi We are do a similar thing in Australia. We do something similar to chapter 13, refered to as a Debt Agreement.

    I have a couple of other sites as well if you’d like to get in contact