Given here are the top most companies in debt consolidation in Georgia.

Bay View Law Group

This is actually a law firm established in California, with different affiliations working throughout the different states. They specialize in debt settlement and also in providing people with alternatives to bankruptcy as well as non-bankruptcy options. Log on to to know more.


Community First Debt Settlement

The company is a proud member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and therefore is one of the best companies for debt settlement issues.

community first

If you do not want to go for debt settlement, you can instead opt for credit counseling which in a way is going to be an excellent source of determining,the kind of path you would want to take for your financial problems. Do visit to know more.

Business Force One

The company has expertise in debt consolidation, along with providing their clients with excellent debt counseling. Even if people cannot join the company, they do get advice on the phone on what they need to do exactly. The webpage is Check it for more info.

business force one

Debt Watch is a company that focuses on relationships between creditors/debtors. It helps debtors to save extra while at the same time being able to pay back creditors. They work mainly in areas of home mortgage loans, debt settlement services and credit cards. is the website. Browse to know more.



Fedsco has been in the service of debt settlement and consolidation for the past 20 years and has an excellent combination of expertise in the Finance and credit industry. Enjoying a status with the Better Business Bureau, the company offers 55% settlement guarantee on all its debt settlements for its clients.


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