You will be given a brief detail about the best companies in Maine to provide you with excellent debt relief strategies.

Certified Financial Solutions

This is an attorney based debt settlement company, where each client is given individual attention and strict case study is done before approving anyone to be their client.

certified solutions

Once, the client is deemed eligible for being a part of the company then his case is then handed over to a special case manager, who deals with all the problems, by negotiating a debt reduction ranging from 40 -60% in over 12-40 months. For getting more information visit their website

Destination Debt Solutions LLC

Destination Debt Solutions, LLC handles payday loans, both storefront and online loans. It is unique from other companies for the fact that it negotiates even the most minimal amount of credit. Accredited with the Payday Loan Settlement program, the company provides stable financial situation aside from added payments and therefore, keeping the customer relieved. The company website is

destination debts

Business Force One

Business Force One provides the best options for your individual needs,  rather than accumulating all problems hastily under one jurisdiction.


Counseling and education will be provided so that customers may receive help easily and know what path of financial freedom should they opt to take. There are many options available but you need to contact the company and give them a chance to analyze your situation. Review the company at

business force one

Greenlight Debt Relief

Greenlight Debt Relief  offers excellent services in fields such as debt settlement, debt consolidation and credit counseling. The counseling being the most important aspect of all consolidation loans. They even work with clients to design out specific solutions to specific problems. Check on their webpage for more info.


The Debt Agency

The company specialize in DEBT SETTLEMENT, with the promise of getting your debts to be 30 – 70% less. They provide you benefits such as Reducing interest rates. reduce principal balances. Reduce Creditor Calls. Reduce Stress Cutting Your Current Credit Card Terms. Visit the website to know more

the debt agency

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