In Washington DC there are many debt consolidation companies that can help you to come out of debt. These companies can solve all your debt problems. Below I have given review of Top 5 debt Consolidation Companies in Washington DC.

Mitigation America

Mitigation America helps consumers in negotiating both unsecured and secured debt. Mortgages, Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Installment Loans, Home Equity Loans, etc are included in Negotiated debts. Mitigation America

Mitigation America is capable of increasing their client’s disposable income  by using mature, proven tactics in combination with state-of-the-art approaches. This allows the clients live a less stressful, financially secure lifestyle. Debt Settlement and Mortgage Modification are their working areas.

Company’s Head Office

Address: Baltimore, MD, 21224, Baltimore, Maryland.
Phone: 4437080259
Fax: 2063331235

National Consumer Rights Alliance, Inc.

NCRA renders their services to protect and enforce the rights of its members. They are famous for their no-cost Credit Restoration Services. NCRA has a nationwide network of attorneys with free and discounted services. They offer Tax Preparation and IRS Audit Defense Services. National Consumer Rights Alliance, Inc.

Their other services includes Debt Settlement Services, Loan Modification Services, Mortgage Referral Services. They mainly works in Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Credit Counseling and Legal & IRS Services.

Company’s Head Office

Address: 1090 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 910, 20005, Washington, Washington DC.
Phone: 2024703273
Fax: 8777750347

American Financial Solutions

American Financial Solutions works as a non profit 501c3 organization. This organization provides confidential consumer credit counseling, debt action plans, debt management plans, consumer educational resources, and online classes for consumers that are dealing with financial hardships.

They are accredited with Better Business Bureau. They are specialized in Debt Consolidation, Credit Counseling and Financial Education.


Company’s Head Office

Address: 263 4th Street, 98337, Bremerton, Washington.
Phone: 8882825899
Fax: 8888648704


Fresh Start Debt Solutions

Fresh Start Debt Solutions is a debt solutions company offering a variety of services for helping people get their debts in a manageable position. This company works in Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation and Loan Modifications.

fresh start

Company’s Head Office

Address: 7777 E Heatherbrae Ave. Suite 127, 85251, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Phone: 8889410010
Fax: 4809472324

Greenlight Debt Relief

Green Light Debt Relief was created with an aim to help consumers reduce, eliminate and manage their debt. The professional experts at Green Light will work with you to design a plan with the help of which you can get you out of debt. Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling are their specialty.

green light

Company’s Head Office

Address: 3717 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Westlake Village, CA 91362, 91362, Westlake Village, California.
Phone: 8772909065
Fax: 8772909065

Other Companies

  • The Debt Agency
  • FreeStar Financial Inc
  • K&M Financial Consultants, LLC
  • Debtbusters
  • Mitigation America
  • Bay View Law Group
  • Community First Debt Settlement
  • The Truth About Debt Relief
  • Stallion Debt Relief
  • RAM Financial Services
  • Destination Debt Solutions LLC
  • National Consumer Rights Alliance, Inc.
  • Rumson, Bolling & Associates
  • Business Force One
  • Allied Negtiation
  • SiteTools, Inc.
  • No More Mortgage
  • Fresh Start Debt Solutions
  • American Financial Solutions
  • Square One Debt Settlement
  • Certified Financial Solutions
  • Greenlight Debt Relief
  • Fedsco
  • Loan Improvement Services CorpGNYPA Debt Soltions
  • Haller, Harlan & Taylor
  • Professional Debt Consultants
  • Matrix Debt Relief, Inc.
  • Debt Management Guys
  • Premier Solutions
  • Greater New York Debt Solutions Inc.
  • United Debt Relief, LLC
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