U.S. 2-Year Notes reach 5 Months High as Jobs Decline

Treasury two-year notes reach their 5 months High as the U.S. economy unexpectedly lost jobs in December, giving a signal that the labor market has yet to emerge from its worst slump since World War II.


Yield difference Between 2- and 10-year U.S. debt widened

Between 2- and 10-year U.S. debt the yield difference has been expanded to near the most ever before that the Treasury sells $84 billion in notes and bonds next week.

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9 Places to Shift your Swiss bank’s million dollars?

As the Swiss bank, UBS announces to turn over the names of suspected American tax evaders to US authorities, concerns have risen over the fate of the age-old banking system of Switzerland. For a very long time, Swiss banks have been trusted over secrecy on financial transactions. Now that analysts are predicting the end of Swiss banking system as we knew it, many wonder where to hide their million dollar stash. We have a few suggestions


  1. Go to Zimbabwe: while Mr. Mugabe may promise to never give your names to concerned authorities, unfortunately your money would become almost worthless after being converted to Zimbabwean currency. Continue reading 9 Places to Shift your Swiss bank’s million dollars?

Some Don’t When Applying for Car Financing

Handle your view for the Auto Financing by avoiding the three very important factors. These “Do Nots” are as important as the Dos, that were discussed in the previous articles.


1. Don’t Cross your capacity

Do not overlook your budget when going for car financing. Highlight all your expenses before deciding how much you can afford for a car payment. Keep in mind, if your miss your single payment, you can hurt your credit score to the notable level, which will further get you into the higher interest loan. Thus your capacity in terms of paying back the loan is the very first and one of the most significant factors that you should be taken care of, when applying for a car financing.

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Income-Based Repayment Program

Income-Based Repayment program has been launched that may help you if you are struggling with federal student loans. Under this program, a cap is put on your monthly payment depending upon your income and family size. Income-Based Repayment program

Federal student loans are eligible under these plans: Stafford loans, Grad PLUS loans and most federal consolidation loans. While these loans are not eligible: Parent PLUS loans, Federal consolidation loans that include Parent PLUS loans, and Private loans.

Well all eligible loans must be in good standing, in order to get the maximum benefits from the Income-Based Repayment programs.

"We know many graduates are concerned about their ability to repay student loans in the current economic environment," said Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "This new plan addresses the issue head-on by giving them the option of a monthly payment tied to their income."

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