There will be few students in American that can afford college education from their own pocket while on other side majority of students needs any financial assistance. When student are planning for college the biggest obstacle they face is about college loans. Well there are so many types of student loan options in the market from federal loans to private loans. But majority from them requires you to have good credit. That is the point where trouble shoots in, as young person you wont be having opportunity to establish your credit yet. It won’t mean that if you are not having good credit you will never get student loans. You can student loans even without a co-signer. With no credit and no cosigner only your loan borrowing options will get limited.

Five Steps for Borrowing the Student Loans Without Co-Signer

Here are the simple steps for borrowing the loan without co-signer:

  1. Always do some homework for student loans because that will help you a lot in finding the student loans that require no co signer. As of now there are Stafford and Perkins Loans that don’t require any credit check. These are typical Federal Student Loans.
  2. Most important step is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for securing student loans. FAFSA is just line entrance gate for Federal Loans. After filing FAFSA you will not only get on the right track for receiving money but it will also help you for securing your grant money. Some state also uses that information which you fill on FAFSA for determining your eligibility to state assistance. For completing FAFSA you will need your parents income tax returns or if you work yourself then you will need yours, too.
  3. Apply for Stafford Loans. Stafford loans are having two versions Subsidized and Un-subsidized. Subsidized Stafford Loans are need-based loans so if you have low-income and no credit or a co signer then you can get this loan. The amount you will get through Stafford Loans is a small amount but it can be a starting point for you.
  4. Another federal government funded loan is Perkins Loan for which you can apply. It also doesn’t require credit check. These loans are usually for the student that is having exceptional financial need. Perkins loan is having 5% interest rate and also haves longer pay back terms than Stafford loans.
  5. You can have few more available options if you are non-traditional students. Aside from Stafford Loans and Perkins Loans there are many scholarships and grants available for students returning to college to pursue degrees.

Private College Loans

Private student loans usually requires credit check or co signer. If you are having a good credit or high interest rate is attached with your loan then you may qualify for private loan without a co-signer.

There are so many possibilities to get a student loan without a co-signer. As Federal Loans are available almost to every one and many from them don’t requires a co signer. Though gift aid and private loans can help you to overcome the college costs but it’s difficult to obtain these loans without a co-signer.

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