College life is one the most precious and memorable time of a student’s life. The building, teachers, and friends everything related to college is unforgettable. When we talk about college, the first thing comes in our mind is about the building of college, no. of students, huge campuses, classrooms and grounds. There is a large no. of big and well established colleges in U.S. but the interesting fact is that, there are also some least populated colleges in the different states of U.S. According to a survey, the 10 least populated colleges of U.S. are:

1. Alaska Bible College

Alaska Bible College

The no. of students in this college is only 38.Its the smallest college in US. This is a 40 years old college where the religious education related to Christianity is given. It includes education of bible, pastoral studies and ministry certificate and some other courses.

2. Shimer College

Shimer College

The no. of students in this college is 87.Its a 157 years old Liberal art college founded by Frances wood shimmer and Cinderella Gregory. This college offers three majors including humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. The shimmer college has a goal to create well rounded students.

3. Thomas More College

Thomas More College

It’s also a liberal college containing 84 students. It’s built on 14 acres in Merrimack, New Hampshire. It’s a catholic college of Romans. Its students spend one semester in Italy studying in Rome campus. Its students visit over 100 baroque churches and roman architectural sites in there college life.

4. Sterling College

Sterling College

Sterling college is found in the northern green mountains of Vermont. It’s a college of environmental studies, it has 105 students only. It offers six different courses in Natural History, Northern Studies, Sustainable Agriculture, Conservation Ecology, Environmental Humanities, and Outdoor Education & Leadership. The Sterling College focuses on experimental educational ways by working using mind and hands.

5. Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

It’s a small college but it’s also called “best college”. It is located in old Lyme, Connecticut. It has 151 students. As its name shows, it’s a college of Arts so here painting, sculpting or drawings are taught. It’s believed that Lyme academy has contributed to the renaissance of representational art.”

6. Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

This college is situated in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. It has only 155 students. This is an old Christian liberal art college working since 1877.Firstly it was used to train the ministers. This college offers all sorts of majors including business management, history, art, biology etc. It doesn’t have different sports teams but its ultimate Frisbee team is competitive.

7. Art Academy of Cincinnati

Art Academy of Cincinnati

This smallest but most prestigious Art academy was found in 1869 as McMicken School of Design. It has 156 students. Its One of the Best Arts Colleges in U.S. This academy offers 4 degree programs, it includes: Associate of Science in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History. The goal of this academy is to produce great artists. Many famous artists have graduated from this academy including James Flora and Charley Harper.

8. Burlington College

Burlington College

This school is located on the east coast. It has 168 students. It’s a centre of learning arts, humanities and humanitarian projects. A very interesting thing about Burlington College is that its students study abroad too. Recently it is working with the University of Havana too.

9. College of Visual Arts

College of Visual Arts

This college was found in 1924, it is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota .About 172 students are studying here. It teaches students the importance of integrating visual arts and liberal arts. It also focuses on different forms of Arts including painting, printmaking, sculpture and lots more specially graphics designing.

10. Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Holy Apostles College and Seminary

This college was found in 1956.It is located in Cromwell, Connecticut. It has about 260 students. Initially it was a men college but later it was opened for women too. This college trains students to become priests and other church officials. This college also offers online degree in Theology and Philosophy to its students.

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