Novadebt Credit Counseling Services

Novadebt, is a non profit social service agency. They provide consumer credit counseling as well as free house finance counseling. Novadebt provides education to common man regarding their financial needs and limitation for free of cost. Novadebt starts providing services in 1991 at New Jersey. Since than they are conducting education programs of different types such as workshops, courses and tutorial material on issues like Debt Management Plan, Housing counseling services, default and reverse mortgage. The Novadebt is also a member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA

Bieng a non-profit organization Novadebt is ready to assist the people in solving their financial problems as well as provide them free education on the said subject. This has been done with extreme professionalism and without compromising quality. Novadebt helps people in educating them about financial freedom. In order to achieve their goal they have provide a number of financial services mentioned below:



The certified counselors of Novadebt always analyze cases deeply and by thorough review they will be able to find the best solution as per needs of the clients. As the financial needs and requirements are different from one person to another, therefore it is necessary to analyze each case  as per its merits.

Housing Counseling                                           

The company is approved as Housing Counseling Agency by US department of Housing. Novadebt is providing almost all kind of housing counseling e.g. pre purchase advise, default situation and mortgage counseling.

Bankruptcy Counseling

Novadebt is an approved agency to issue certificates for completing any kind of counseling or a personal financial management course. Continue reading Novadebt Credit Counseling Services