Destination debt solutions (DDS) is one of the best debt consolidation companies in United States of America. Their services include, Payday Loan consolidation and counseling, Debt Analysis and Credit Score calculations. Their services are quick and have high success ratio with a wide customer base, all over the United States of America. There are many companies in the market who can provide similar services but destination debt solutions stand out from them because of their quick service and great success ratio and customer satisfaction. They have one of the best customers services and have happy customers all over the United States of America.



How to get started?

Destination Debt Solutions have one of the simplest signing up process, amongst the competition. You can simply go to their website,, and fill an easy form, where you’ll be asked to fill your name, state, Payday loan amount, your email and phone number. After you have submitted the information, a customer service agent from the company will respond to your application and will prompt you for some paper work including loan agreement, credit history, billing invoices and monthly expenses, required to evaluate your debt and the plan the negotiation accordingly. The paper work will be helpful in doing an in-depth analysis on your credit history, credit scores, loan payments and will serve as the basis of loan consolidation.

How do they work?

After, submission of your application, it will be forwarded to the staff along with all the attached paper work. That department will evaluate the debt, negotiation report and calculation of the possible deficit. The application will then be forwarded to the negotiators who will, negotiate with the creditors on your behalf and will compel them to reduce the debt amount and offer flexible payment plan for you, to suit you.

Then, you’ll be asked to submit your first payment. This payment will be your first step. The amount you’ll pay will go into an insured saving account that will be in your name. You’ll be asked to submit money in the account according to a schedule. When enough money would have been deposited in the account, the company will then start the repayment to the creditors, on your behalf according to the agreed negotiation.

DDS advantages

You will be given a client log in to the website, where you’ll be monitoring the progress of all the work and the invoices of the payments will be there too. You can receive monthly billing statements in your account.

Who should check Destination Debt Solution?

If you’ve have an increasing debt, if your bank overdrafts after submission of interest payments, If you are lagging behind on your financial goals and monthly billing, then Destination Debt Solutions is the right place for you, which will help you in getting rid of the overwhelming debt.

Why Destination Debt Solution?

  • It provides complete debt relief in 12 month or less, which is one of the fastest time frame in the market.
  • No minimum Payday Loan amount requirement.
  • Online transparent system.
  • Great customer service


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