Part I ?Reading Comprehension (共20小题,每小题2分,共40分)

Passage One

Scientists are trying to make the deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the deserts so that people can live and grow food. Even so, more and more of the earth is?becoming desert.

????Why? Scientists think that people make deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth.

Some places on the earth don't get much rain. Yet, they still don't become deserts. This is because there are some green plants are growing there. Plants help keep water in the earth. Plants do not let the wind blow the dirt away. Without plants, the land can become a desert much more easily.

A man decides to make a farm in a very dry place. He digs in the earth and takes away the grass and plants that are already growing on the dry land.

He makes a farm. He puts plants in rows. The sun is very hot. It makes the land even drier. When the rain comes, it runs between the rows of plants. It washes the good dirt away. When the wind comes, it blows between the rows of plants. It blows the good dirt away. Soon the land is not good enough for a farm any more. The man lets his animals eat all the plants on it. Now the land does not have any plants on it. The sun and the wind dry the land and takes all of the good dirt away. Now the land is a desert.

1. A desert is probably________.

A. grassy ??? B. treeless ??? C. wet ???? D. muddy

2. Land is becoming desert because of lack of________.

A. rain ?????? B. wind ???? C. people ?? D. plants

3. Which of the following is NOT?the reason why small green plants are very important to

dry places?

A. They keep the earth from even drier. ????

B. They do not let wind blow the earth away.

C. They add colour to the dry places.

D. They hold water.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that________.

A. it is bad to grow plants in rows in a dry place.

B. it is better to raise animals on dry land than to make a farm.

C. it is bad to make a farm in a dry place, but it is good to raise animals there

D. all lands that don’t get very much rain are deserts.

5. What’s the purpose of the writer to give an example of the man?

A. To criticize him. ??????B. To tell an interesting story. ?

C. To prove man makes deserts. ?D. To prove the hot sun makes a desert.

Passage Two

???There are some people who actually enjoy work. In fact, they love to work. They spend many extra hours on the job each week and often take work home with them. These workaholics?are as addicted to their jobs as other people are to drugs or alcohol.

???In some city centers, workaholism is so common that people do not consider it unusual.?They accept the lifestyle as normal. ?

Workaholism can be a serious problem. Because true workaholics would rather work than do anything else, they probably don’t know how to relax; that is, they might not enjoy movies, sports, or other types of entertainment.Most of all, they hate to sit and do nothing.The lives of workaholics are usually stressful, and this stress?can cause health problems. In addition, typical workaholics don't pay much?attention to their families.?They spend little time with their children, and their marriages may end in divorce.

Is workaholism always dangerous? Perhaps not.?There are, certainly, people who work well under stress.?Some studies show that many workaholics have great energy and interest in life. Their work is so pleasurable that they are actually very happy.?For most workaholics, work and entertainment are the same thing.?Their jobs provide them with a challenge; this keeps them busy and creative.?Other people retire from work at age sixty-five, but workaholic usually prefer not to quit. They are still interested in work and life in their eighties and nineties.

Perhaps some people are forced to work, but their addiction to work seems to be a safe, even an advantageous one.

6. The word “workaholics” (Para. 1) refers to those ____________.

A. who are always under stress and don’t know how to get rid of it

B. who do not have a good relationship with their children and wives

C. who don’t know how to enjoy movies or do sports in their spare time

D. who spend as much time working as possible and have no interest in other things

7. A problem that workaholism may cause is that __________.

A. life under stress might be dull and boring

B. people’s health might be damaged by overwork

C. living together with families is impossible

D. the ability to get along with people is not develioed

8. According to the fourth paragraph, what keeps a workaholic always busy is _________.

?A. the money his job provides ? ? ??B. the entertainment in life

?C. the challenge in his job ?????D. the stress in his life

9. Workaholics are not willing to leave their posts at age sixty-five mainly because _________.

A. they want more money ????????B. they are still in good health

C.they want to meet new people?D.they feel that work means a lot to them

10. Which of the follwing might be the best title for this article?

???A. Workaholism ??????????????B. Addiction

???C. Work and Entertainment ????????D. Work and Health

Part II ?Vocabulary and Structure?(共40小题,每小题1分,共40分)

21. If it ________tomorrow, we will go to the park to take pictures.

A. will snow ????? B. would snow ?? C. snows ???? D. snowed

22. She sent her two children to the boarding school when _______ was only eight.

A. the youngest ??? B. the most younger ??

C. the younger ? ? ?D. the more younger

23. The person I trusted most was a friend _________ I had been cooperating in business for a

long time.

A. whom ???? B. with whom ??? C. with who ?? D. that

24. All flights ______ because of the strike, they had to find some other means of transportation.

A. having been canceled ???? B. had been cancel ??

C. having canceled ? ? ? ? ?D. were canceled

25. One hundred and twenty miles per hour _______usually the speed limit for cars on highway.

A. are ???? B. is ?? C. have ? D. had

26. After the party, the hostess did not know who ______ for the broken vase.

A. will blame ???? B. blamed ?? C. to blame ?? D. blames

27. ________ you are well prepared for the coming exam, you will fail it.

A. If ????? B. Unless ??? C. Provided ?? D. Until

28. The employee turned a deaf ear to what the boss said, ________annoyed the boss very much.

A. which ???? B. what ?? C. that ?? D. how

29. The flowers looked as if they ________ for a long time.

A. haven’t watered ???? B. didn’t water ??

C. hadn’t been watered ?? D. watered

30. ________, he has achieved great success in the field of information technology.

A. As he is young ??? B. Young is he ?

C. Young as he is ? ? ?D. Young he is though

31. Had it not been for his carelessness, David _______ the first prize in the mathematics contest.

A. would win ?? B. would have won ??

C. will win ? ? D. won

32. I bought two T-shirts for my teenage son, but he didn’t like __________.

A. both of them ???? B. two of thwm ??

C. either of them ? ? D. neither of them

33. _______of an unhappy marriage, she felt greatly relieved and was eager to embrace a new life.

A. To be free ???? B. Freeing ?? C. To free ??? D. Freed

34. ______was because of his misjudgment that the company got involved in financial difficulties.

A. It ????? B. That ??? C. What ?? D. Which

35. It is essential that you _______ train tickets as early as possible before the Spring Festival.

A. must book ???? B. will book ?? C. are booking ?? D. book

36. I am sorry! I kept _______ for such a long time, for the machine didn’t work properly.

A. you waited ??? B. you waited ?? C. you to wait ?? D. you waiting

37. We _______ on the isolated island for thirty hours when the rescue team finally came.

A. stayed ? ? ? ? ? ?B. had been staying ??

C. have been staying ?? D. have stayed

38. Not only _______ the nurses want a pay increase, they wanted reduced hours as well.

A. did ??? B. do ?? C. have ?? D. had

39. She ______that it was very cold on the mountain top, because she just came down from there.

A. would know ???? B. used to know ??

C. can know ? ? ? ?D. ought to know

40. By the time you get up, I ________ for work.

A. would be leaving ??? B. shall have left ???

C. have already left ? ?D. am leaving

41. Johnson decided to quit his job ________ accept the new rules.

A. more than ???? B. other than ??

C. better than ? ? D. rather than

42. ________most people in the office, I go to work by bus.

A. Unlike ???? B. Dislike ?? C. Liking ?? D. Alike

43. The chairman _______ unexpectedly at the meeting. We thought he was still in hospital.

A. turned in ????? B. turned over ??

C. turned up ? ? ? ?D. turned down

44. Waving goodbye to his family, he ran into the crowd and _______from the eight.

A. vanished ???? B. escaped ??? C. melted ?? D. varied

45. Although her parents didn’t like the man, she got married to him _______their wishes.

A. of ???? B. for ?? C. after ?? D. against

46. Nowadays many young couples ______ their parents to take care of their babies.

A. count in ???? B. count on ? C. count with ? D. count off

47. The friends of his roommate were so noisy that he couldn’t _______them any more.

A. adapt ??? B. adopt ?? C. comprehend ?? D. stand

48. Only 10 out of the 97 passengers ________ the plane crash in Russia last month.

A. retained ???? B. endured ?? C. maintained ?? D. survived

49. Young people tend to keep ______ with social changes more quicly than older people.

A. step ???? B. progress ?? C. pace ?? D. touch

50. It’s so pleasant to stand in the forest and _______ fresh air.

A. take in ??? B. take out ???? C. bring in ?? D. come out

51. He kept walking up and down, which was a sure ________that he was worried.

A. sign ??? B. character ?? C. nature ?? D. end

52. Recently a kind of traditional Chinese medicine is quite popular in the United States, for it is

effective to _______ patients of high cough.

A. treat ???? B. mend ?? C. recover ??? D. cure

53. While convenient for communication, mobile phones may have a negative ______on children.

A. affect ??? B. effect ?? C. perfect ?? D. defect

54. The great scientist worked 10 hours a day ________his old age.

A. in spite of ?B. in spite ?C. despite of ?D. despite with

55. In Chinese culture, “red” _______ happiness, while in some western countries, “red” is more

connected with danger and warning.

???A. stands B. represents C. presents D. resents

56. _______ spring is a favorite season for people to be close to nature.

???A. Later ? B. Last C. Latter D. Late

57. Men are usually quite good at map-reading, but Tom is the ________.

???A. inpection B. receptiom C. exception D. expectation

58. As I changed my plan, I phoned the hotel to _______ my reservation.

??A. accept B. cancel C. refuse D. reach

59. People are not allowed to talk loudly in the library so as not to ______ other readers.

??A. prevent B. distract C. attract ? D. appeal

60. Asking about a lady’s age is considered to be an ______ question in western cultures.

A. embarrasing B. interesting

C. embarrassed D. interested

Part III Cloze (共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

To be a good teacher, you need so me of the gifts of a good actor: you must be able to??61 ?the attention and interest of your students; you must be a????62 ??speaker, with a good, strong, 63 ????voice which is fully under your control; and you must be able to???64 ??what you are teaching in order to make its meaning clear.????65 ???a good teacher, and you will see that he does not sit still????66 ???his class:?he stands the whole time when he is teaching; he walks about, using his??67 ?, hands and fingers to help him in his explanations, and his face to express feelings. Listen to him, and you will????68 ??the loudness, the quality and the musical note of his voice always???69 ??according to what he is??70 ?about.?The fact that a good teacher has some of the gifts of a good actor doesn’t???71 ??that he will indeed be able to act??72 ??on the stage, for there are very important????73 ??between the teacher’s work and the actor’s. The actor has to speak words which he?has learnt by heart. He has to repeat exactly the??74 ??words each time he plays a certain part;???75 ??his movements and the ways in which he uses his voice are usually???76 ?beforehand. What he has to do is to make all these carefully learnt words and?actions seem???77 ??on the stage.

???A good teacher???78 ??in quite a different way. His students takes an active part in his??79 ??: they ask and answer questions, they obey orders, and if they don’t understand something, they say so. The teacher, therefore, has to suit his act to the needs of his students. He cannot learn his part by heart, but must???80 ??it as he goes along.

61. A.?pay ? ? ? ?B.?give??? C. hold ? D. know

62. A. clear ? ? ??B. slow ?? C. quick ?? D. aloud

63. A. frightening ??B. surprising ??? C. fearing ?? D. pleasing

64. A. act ? ? ? ?B. talk ?? C. say ?? D. tell

65. A. Listen ? ? ?B. Watch ?? C. Look ?? D. Glance

66. A. for ? ? ? ?B. behind ??C. before ?? D. with

67. A. tongue ? ? ?B. words ?? C. sound ?? D. arms

68. A. see ? ? ? ?B. hear ? ??C. think ????D. guess

69. A. making ? ? ?B. changing ?C. expressing ??D. giving

70. A. talking ? ??B. thinking ?C. hearing ? ??D. saying

71. A. tell ? ? ??B. express ??C. know ?? D. mean

72. A. good ? ? ??B. badly ?? C. well ?? D. actively

73. A. things ? ? ?B. differences ??C. points ?? D. jobs

74. A. different ? ?B. same ?? C. above ?? D. following

75. A. just ? ? ??B. never ?? C. even ?? D. ever

76. A. read ? ? ??B. known ?? C. fixed ?? D. written

77. A. natural ? ??B. pleasant ?? C. false ?? D. clear

78. A. is ???? B. has ?? C. teach ???D. works

79. A. group ???B. party ?? C. class ?? D. play

80. A. invent ? ?B. discover ?? C. teach ?? D. continue

Part IV ?Translation(共35分)

Section A ?(共5小题,每小题4分,共20分)

81. They want to bring water to the deserts so that people can live and grow food.

82. In some city centers, workaholism is so common that people do not consider it unusual.?

83. They grow up more quickly and are not so dependent on their parents.

84. When there is money enough to satisfy one level of needs, another level appears.

85. It includes a variety of goods and services, many of which could be called “luxury” items